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A giant rhinophyma closing the airway: Case report (p. 401-2)

A giant rhinophyma closing the airway: Case report (p. 401-2)

Rafet Ozbey
Malatya Training and Research Hospital, Clinic of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Malatya Turkey
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Rhinophyma is a progressive nasal deformity caused by hypertrophy of sebaceous glands and soft tissue of the nose. A 74-year-old male patient presented with a giant bad-smelling mass hanging down from the alar wings, causing difficulty in breathing and eating. Under local anesthesia, the lesion was excised and the defect was closed with a full thickness skin graft. The patient recovered without any problem and got out of difficulty in breathing and feeding. The treatment of rhinophymas, which have reached a large size, increases the patient’s life quality, can breathe more easily and eat, increase their self-esteem and improve the social life of the patient. The size of the defect occurred after excision of giant rhinophyma limits the use of flaps. However, it can be used to cover the large defects and provide a rapid recovery, which makes graft use a step forward in the treatment of giant rhinophimas.

Keywords: Rhinophyma; breathing difficulty; skin graft


doi: 10.5455/annalsmedres.2019.12.914



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