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The relationship between asthma and eating disorders (p.695-9)

The relationship between asthma and eating disorders (p.695-9)

Hasan Olmez1, Nurten Arslan Isik2
1Erzincan University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Chest Diseases, Erzincan , Turkey
2Erzincan Binali Yildirim University, Faculty of Health, Department of Nursing, Erzincan, Turkey
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Obesity is a common comorbidity in asthma and obesity not only causes asthma development, but also leads to weaker asthma control and higher asthma severity. The relationship between obesity and asthma is similar to the relationship between chicken and egg. Obesity can be confusing in the diagnosis and management of asthma. Obesity in asthmatic patients causes overdiagnosis, misdiagnosis, or less diagnosis. The association of asthma and obesity has increased especially due to western type nutrition and sedentary lifestyle. Patients with obesity and asthma as a result of increased inflammatory mediators bronchoconstruction, adversely affected by lung mechanics, increased alveolar-arterial gradient, ventilation-perfusion imbalance, decreased lung volume, asthma disease and other comorbid conditions such as increased comorbid conditions, such as more frequent causes of dyspnea. They are very symptomatic, presenting more in these patients and the quality of life of these patients is worse. Another problem encountered in obese asthmatic patients is their resistance to inhaled steroids, β2-agonists and leukotrene antagonists used in asthma. Conflicting results have been obtained in studies of the effect of asthma on obesity. It is generally accepted that the development of obesity is more common in asthmatic patients due to decreased physical activity. Applying a personalized treatment plan to treat asthmatic and obese patients and applying realistic treatment methods can help the patient lose weight. In addition,
obese asthmatic patients should have more symptomatic perception, obesity causes changes in lung function and obese individuals should be aware of the confusing effects of different comorbidities.

Keywords: Asthma; diet; obesity



doi: 10.5455/annalsmedres.2019.12.821



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