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Metacarpal osteomyelitis secondary to human bite: a case report (p. 67-8)

Metacarpal osteomyelitis secondary to human bite: a case report (p. 67-8)

Resit Sevimli, Arsan Hussien Salih, Okan Aslantürk, Ali Canbay

İnönü University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Malatya, Turkey



The injuries resulting from Human bite are rarely seen in the clinical practice. It accounts for approximately 0.1% of injuries presenting to emergency service (1), and for about 2% of all bite wounds (2). Human bite injuries happens usually during fights and rarely occurs accidentally during sports activityes. If neglected, human bites can cause serious infective complications due to the high concentration of microorganisms in the oral cavity. Wound dressing and oral antibiotics for the treatment of human bite is not an adequate method of treatment; Wound exploration, extensive debridement and adequate wash should be considered under operative condition followed by broad-spectrum intravenous antibiotics therapy. In this presentation we aimed to present a case of phalanx fracture after a human bite who received treatment for acute osteomyelitis.

Keywords: Bite; Osteomyelitis; Trauma.


doi: 10.5455/jtomc.2016.06.067



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