Effects of high dose vitamin C administration in Covid-19 patients

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Fatih Simsek
Hasan Yonca
Irmak Tahmaz
Umut Kara
Ender Sir
Sami Eksert
Mehmet Emin Ince
Serkan Senkal
Ilker Ozdemirkan
Ufuk Turan
Umit Savasci
Deniz Dogan
Canturk Tasci
Ertugrul Yazici
Gulden Yilmaz
Ahmet Cosar


Aim: There is currently no pharmacotherapy with for the treatment of COVID-19. We aimed to investigate the effects of early and high-dose vitamin C (VC) therapy in hospitalized patients with COVID-19.
Materials and Methods: We included patients (n=139) who received high-dose VC supplement to the standard treatment protocol into group 1 (n=58), and only those who received a standard treatment protocol into group 2 (n=81). The patients' requirement for supplemental oxygen therapy, requirement for intensive care treatment and survival rates was investigated retrospectively. Furthermore, the changes in white blood cell, C-reactive protein (CRP), procalcitonin, D-Dimer, renal function tests, ferritin, and interleukin 6 values during hospitalization were evaluated.
Results: When the groups were compared in terms of clinical data, there was no significant difference in terms of the patients requiring supplemental oxygen therapy (p=0.808), requiring intensive care (p=0.662), and survival rates (p=0.185). However, a significant difference was observed between the groups in terms of changes in renal function tests, and CRP values (p<0.05).
Conclusion: In the present study, early administration of high-dose VC to patients with COVID-19 has a reducing effect on the impaired kidney functions. Therefore, we recommend the use of VC as an early supplemental therapy in patients with COVID-19.


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Simsek, F., Yonca, H., Tahmaz, I., Kara, U., Sir, E., Eksert, S., Ince, M. E., Senkal, S., Ozdemirkan, I., Turan, U., Savasci, U., Dogan, D., Tasci, C., Yazici, E., Yilmaz, G., & Cosar, A. (2021). Effects of high dose vitamin C administration in Covid-19 patients. Annals of Medical Research, 28(9), 1699–1703. Retrieved from https://www.annalsmedres.org/index.php/aomr/article/view/3910
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