Dear Annals of Medical Reseach family, The October 2021 issue of our journal has been published online, again with your contributions, with quality original research articles. In the last 2 years, when we experienced the pandemic process, face-to-face scientific meetings could not be held or were held online with limited participation. Therefore, by publishing original research articles online in our journal with free full-text access, the results of these studies have been made available to large audiences internationally. We would like to thank all our readers, writers and referees for their valuable contributions. We wish the pandemic process to end as soon as possible, wish you healthy days,

Nevzat Erdil MD, Prof.
Editor in Chief
Annals of Medical Research 

Published: 2021-10-20

Comparison of the renal response of bortezomib-based induction and conventional regimen in multiple myeloma patients with renal failure

Ahmet Sarici, Emin Kaya, Mehmet Ali Erkurt, Ilhami Berber, Lokman Hekim Tanriverdi, Omer Faruk Bahcecioglu, Selim Gok, Irfan Kuku


Retrospective evaluation of patients with primary mediastinal large B-Cell lymphoma: Real life experience

Zeynep Tugba Guven, Serhat Celik, Leylagul Kaynar, Muzaffer Keklik, Bulent Eser, Mustafa Cetin, Ali Unal


Inflammation and anemia in simple febrile seizures and complex febrile seizures

Ipek Polat, Pakize Karaoglu, Muge Ayanoglu, Ceren Cirali, Erhan Bayram, Uluc Yis, Semra Hiz


Evaluation of stroke risk factors and characteristics in the comorbidity of cancer

Ozge Arici Duz, Nesrin Helvaci Yilmaz, Asile Seval Aslan, Burcu Polat


Does graves' ophthalmopathy affect anterior segment parameters?

Berkay Akmaz, Deniz Kilic, Fahrettin Akay, Soner Guven, Yusuf Ziya Guven, Baris Onder Pamuk


The effects of rosuvastatin and pravastatin on bone metabolism in diabetic rats

Gul Sahika Gokdemir, Mehmet Tahir Gokdemir, Hacer Kayhan, Beran Yokus, Ezel Tasdemir, Cihan Gul, Mukadder Baylan


Investigation of the proteins associated with epithelial-mesenchymal transition in skin tumors

Fatma Benli Tanrikulu, Elif Sanli, Mustafa Emre Ercin, Derya Beyza Sayin Kocakap


A down syndrome patient diagnosed with transient myeloproliferative disease after presenting with cutaneous findings

Burak Ceran, Turan Derme, Mehmet Orhan Erkan, Seda Sahin, Dilek Gurlek Gokcebay, Ufuk Cakir, Cuneyt Tayman


A rare case of acute abdomen in an elderly patient: Jejunal diverticulum perforation

Server Sezgin Uludag, Nazim Gures, Ahmet Askar, Omer Kucuk, Abdullah Kagan Zengin, Mehmet Faik Ozcelik